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Local News

Local News

The town of Taviscombe is a quiet, peaceful town. However, this leaves the local newspaper and police force without much to do. To combat their boredom and to get themselves recognized on a national level, both organizations independently plan a robbery. Unfortunately the fool-proof schemes they come up with are identical, leading to a great deal of confusion and the disappearance of the money they were targeting.

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Tickets for the youth production of Local News are available here.


St. Martin's Church, 195 East Windsor Road, North Vancouver BC V7N 1J9.

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A Message from Her Majesty's Not-So-Secret Service

Announcing "SHAKEN, NOT STIRRED: A James Bond Pantomime"!
Coming January 2018

Help! The Kingdom of Londinium is in peril - the beautiful Princess Aurora has been kidnapped! Enemy agents have manipulated, bamboozled, twisted, sneaked, shaken and stirred with their sinister agendas and the King has entrusted the Princess' safe return to the premier spy agency, MI14.5 ¾.

Join our heroes – the hapless and clueless front man, James Bond, the green but super-keen recruits, Moneypenny and #, the wise woman tech specialist, Q, as well as the beautiful (in a man-ish way), M. Can Bond and his team save the day? Will M get over her heartbreak and go undercover(s) with a new partner? Will the recruits prove their worth in the field or will they be flummoxed by the ineptitude of their superiors?

All this and more will be answered in SHAKEN, NOT STIRRED – A James Bond Pantomime!

Stay ever vigilant! Watch for Malicious characters, signals in the Aurora borealis; don't sleep through it! This message will self-destruct in... oops wrong series!

The Matthew Robertson Scholarship Fund

SMP Dramatic Society

SMP is a community theatre group which operates out of St Martin's Parish Hall in North Vancouver, B.C., Canada. We produce a pantomime each January to spice up the post-holiday doldrums, a production put on by SMP members under the age of 17 (and mentored by more 'seasoned' members) in May, and other occasional comedy productions (Fawlty Towers in 2010, Little Grimley in 2014). We welcome new members who’d like to venture into theatre, whether on stage or as part of the production crews, and we strive always to have fun!