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SMP Dramatic Society

SMP is a community theatre group which operates out of St Martin's Parish Hall in North Vancouver, B.C., Canada. We produce a pantomime each January to spice up the post-holiday doldrums, a production put on by SMP members under the age of 17 (and mentored by more 'seasoned' members) in May, and other occasional comedy productions (Fawlty Towers in 2010, Little Grimley in 2014). We welcome new members who’d like to venture into theatre, whether on stage or as part of the production crews, and we strive always to have fun!

Treasure Island - Coming this April!

Treasure Island

X marks the spot! Where does an old weather beaten map lead us? To Treasure Island of course! The classic Robert Louis Stevenson tale has been wonderfully refreshed by London’s award winning author & playwright, Phil Willmott. The swashbuckling adventure remains true to the spirit of the novel while adding comedy, gender changes, a few musical numbers and room for a younger cast to perform the show.

Join us as Jim Hawkins, Lady Livesy, Miss Trelawney and Captain Smollet take on the despicable likes of the two-faced Long John Silver and his merry band of cutthroat pirates in the search for buried treasure. Will the completely loony Ben Gunn ruin Long John’s plans? Or will he save the day and help Jim and his friends find the treasure and stop the mutinous pirates? This is a story for the ages with something for everyone. We look forward to seeing you!

Show dates: April 24 & 25

Tickets: Tickets on sale now! - Call 604.767.0665

Adults $12, Kids 10 & under - $7